Warren Davis, M.S., RPA

Research Archaeologist

Warren Davis received his undergraduate degree in anthropology in 2011 (B.A. Anthropology, University of Iowa) and his graduate degree in 2018 (M.S. Cultural Resource Management Archaeology, St. Cloud State University). His research interests focus on technological organization strategies of the Archaic period in the Midwest and eastern Great Plains, and in particular how the toolkit of ancient peoples reflects choices in settlement and subsistence behavior. Warren's expertise includes lithic technology, raw material sourcing analysis, and investigation of legacy collections from private collectors or museums. He also has an interest in geospatial information system (GIS) technology, geomorphology, and analysis of historical production or supply chains.

Warren is a research archaeologist at the OSA, conducting archaeological research for contract-funded projects that includes background historic research, field surveys and excavations, and report writing. He occasionally presents his research at professional conferences, and gives informal talks to the public about archaeology and its importance.

Research areas
  • lithic technology
  • Archaic period
  • technological organization strategy
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