OSA’s commitment to conducting and disseminating modern high-quality archaeological
research requires a significant investment in research technology. From maintaining complex databases, to deploying a suite of scientific instruments and equipment, to supporting an array of web-based and digital interpretive media, the OSA’s involvement in research technology covers the gamut of twenty-first century breakthroughs in archaeology. This broad spectrum of digital and information technology (IT) services are available to 
all levels of government, as well as private corporations, American Indian tribes, and non-profits. 

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Since 2016, OSA has utilized small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAV), aka drones, for site identification, preservation monitoring, and multi-spectral analysis to survey large areas for cultural resources. OSA's FAA-licensed pilots offer drone flight services to collect data for any profession or scientific field. In addition to photos and video, OSA drones can capture data using thermal imaging and aerial lidar. Post-processing services include photogrammetry, 3D modeling, and data processing and analysis.

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OSA conducts 3D scanning, printing, and photogrammetry of objects and artifacts for research and educational purposes. Staff members have the artistic ability to transform 3D-printed objects into replica artifacts for teaching, exhibits, and displays.

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The Research Technology team has experience building and hosting web portals. Education and interpretation staff frequently collaborate with the technology staff to create audience-focused website content and digital interpretive media. A portfolio of web-based projects is available upon request.

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OSA has experience designing and building both mobile and web applications. When possible, OSA provides mentorship or internships to students seeking more experience in mobile application development.

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OSA staff are experienced in the preparation, maintenance, and analysis of geodatabases, and contract these services. Their expertise also lies in Enterprise-level services connecting the front and back end of GeoServer and ESRI SDK using SQL and PostgreSQL. We build servers that run web-based GIS on local and cloud-based servers. 

Digital Services Staff

Mary De La Garza headshot

Mary De La Garza, M.A., MCSE

Research Technology Director
OSA Staff member Digital Services Specialty
Mary De La Garza (Director) Drone flight services (FAA-licensed);  aerial data post-processing including photogrammetry, thermal imaging, 3D modeling, lidar, and multi-spectral analyses; geospatial analysis; database administration; map server and web portal hosting; web and mobile application building
Angela Collins Drone flight services (FAA-licensed); website design and maintenance; graphic design; digital interpretive media design
Colleen Randolph Iowa Site File (I-Sites) data management
Elizabeth Reetz Digital interpretive media strategy, development, and design; website design and maintenance; digital and virtual outreach
Teresa Rucker Digital archives services including digitization and file transfers of electronic documents; iArc data management


Fees for Digital Services

Please use the information below to estimate costs for grant planning or contract budget proposals. Email us directly for a calculation of actual costs.

service fee
Map server hosting, web portal hosting and design, mobile application building, and design, geospatial analysis, database administration Contact us for scope and additional rate information
sUAV, a.k.a., drone, flight services (FAA licensed pilots)

Rates include fringe and F&A when required by the Division of Sponsored Programs for grants and contracts.

Per pilot: $55/hour (no F&A) - $79 (fully burdened F&A) plus travel and applicable equipment rental

Post-processing expertise:

  • Photogrammetry
  • Thermal imaging
  • 3D scanning and modeling
  • Multi-spectral analyses
  • Aerial lidar
  • Lidar

Rates include fringe and F&A when required by the Division of Sponsored Programs for grants and contracts.

$55/hour (no F&A) - $79 (fully burdened F&A), based on agreed scope of work 

Documents digitization See Curation Services
Digital interpretive media strategy, development, and design

Initial 30-minute consultation provided at no charge. Rates include fringe and F&A when required by the Division of Sponsored Programs for grants and contracts.

$44/hour (no F&A) - $79 (fully burdened F&A)