The OSA collaborates regularly with community and professional preservation organizations in Iowa and the Midwest. Several OSA staff are members of the Iowa Archeological Society and Association of Iowa Archaeologists, and many serve on boards and committees. Membership and service extends to regional and national professional archaeology organizations. 

Logo for the State Historical Society of Iowa

State Historical Society of Iowa

Whether you are interested in archaeology, preserving a historic building, researching a historic property, getting a site listed on the National Register of Historic Places or developing a historic preservation program, the State Historic Preservation Office of Iowa can help you achieve your goals.

The office identifies, preserves, and protects Iowa’s historic and prehistoric resources. It also administers state and federal historic preservation programs, and maintains a survey and inventory collection of historic properties in Iowa. 

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Iowa Archeological Society logo

Iowa Archeological Society

Founded in 1951, the Iowa Archeological Society (IAS) is a non-profit, professional organization that welcomes anyone who is interested in Iowa’s archaeological past. This includes the interested public, archaeological professionals, and students.

IAS members receive access to two different publications, attend spring and fall meetings, and participate in statewide events and activities. The IAS also offers research and scholarship opportunities for members and students, and administer the Iowa Archaeological Certification Program for anyone interested in learning the basics of archaeological fieldwork, lab work, or site survey. 

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Logo for the Association of Iowa Archaeologists

Association of Iowa Archaeologists

The Association of Iowa Archaeologists (AIA) is a nonprofit organization of professional archaeologists dedicated to promoting and working for the preservation of Iowa's archaeological sites and cultural heritage. The AIA develops professional and scientific standards for report preparation, excavation, and curation of archaeological materials recovered in the State of Iowa. These guidelines ensure the development of archaeological information that is useful and of consistently good quality. Additionally, they provide recommendations and guidance for conducting archaeological investigations in Iowa.


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