The University of Iowa, through the General Education Fund (GEF), annually provides 20% of OSA’s support, with the remaining 80% self-generated through unit initiatives that secure gifts, grants, contracts, and fees. While gift revenue reflects only a small percentage of total unit finances, development and delivery of many OSA programs depends heavily on this source of income and much more could be done if donations increased.

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As of July 1, 2016, direct state support for the Office of the State Archaeologist Education & Outreach Program was eliminated. All program activities must be 100% externally funded. Regardless, we work hard to maintain the programming and services we offer, and are always brainstorming ways to create new partnerships and programs. It is our goal to make statewide outreach a well-funded priority again, and there are ways you can help!

Ways to Support OSA

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Contribute to the Midwest Archaeology Fund

You can make a one-time donation, pledge, or recurring gift through this fund managed by the University of Iowa Center for Advancement.

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Make a Donation through the IAS

Provide an unrestricted gift to support education and outreach via the Iowa Archeological Society as a one-time or recurring gift.

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Become a Community Sponsor

We are interested in partnering with new or established companies and organizations with solid reputations to help us advance our work in your Iowa community. Become a program sponsor, event sponsor, or an in-kind partner.

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Grant Partnerships

OSA frequently assists small organizations and non-profits with grant writing for projects that incorporate OSA archaeologists and educators.

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Inform UI of our Impact

Have our programs or services positively impacted your community or classroom? Let the University know with "Thank a Staff Member." 

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Attend an Event

Your participation in OSA events makes a difference!

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Contract Us

Our education & interpretation staff consult on the development of education and outreach programs, curricula writing, program evaluation, and exhibit development.

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Purchase Apparel & Accessories

Check out fun Iowa archaeology gear at our Threadless Artist Shop. All proceeds support OSA education activities & the IAS.