Public Services

Bioarchaeologists are available to consult with developers on site searches that reveal burial sites and best practices for additional investigation or avoidance.

We work with landowners to document and maintain records of reported or suspected burial sites as well as best practices for their management and preservation.

OSA also provides public and agency-directed outreach for education on Iowa’s burial laws and requirements for inadvertent discoveries, including presentations and workshops.

On Behalf of the OSA

Bioarchaeology program staff: 

  • Address notifications of inadvertent discoveries of ancient human remains.
  • Consult with descendant communities on burial site and ancient human remains protections
  • Liaison to the OSA Indian Advisory Council
  • Conduct NAGPRA compliance, which includes facilitating repatriations and reburials with descendant communities

The OSA Bioarchaeology Program can provide assistance with compliance to other institutions upon request.

Fees for Bioarchaeology Services

service fee
On-site burial-related field consultation Reimbursement for mileage and per diem (if applicable), based on current state rates
Telephone or in-office consultation No charge
Extended field and laboratory human osteological investigations Rates commensurate with current staff salaries; range $36-47/hour
Other grant or contract-based projects

Rates include fringe and F&A as required by the Division of Sponsored Programs for grants and contracts.

  • Bioarchaeology Director | $51/hour (no F&A) - $78/hour (fully burdened F&A)
  • Bioarchaeologist | $41/hour (no F&A) - $63/hour (fully burdened F&A)