As Iowa's statutorily-mandated repository for Iowa's archaeological collections, OSA houses over four million objects from about 14,000 archaeological sites in Iowa. The OSA archive manages nearly 300,000 total records, including books, journals, field notes, and photographs. Numerous comparative and teaching collections are available for archaeologists, educators, and researchers.

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Documents including archaeological and other scientific reports, books, conference papers, manuscripts, journal articles, newspaper articles, and photographs.

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OSA State Repository

Three repository areas house archaeological objects from about 14,000 sites in Iowa, as well as collections from state and federal agencies.

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Comparative Collections

Lithic raw materials, faunal materials, botanical specimens, and archaeological artifacts available for research and education.

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Teaching Collections

Over 2000 reproduction and replica objects and authentic, unprovenienced artifacts used for education, outreach, and training. 

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UI Stanford Collection

A partially documented collection of human skeletal remains available for scholarly research.

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