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The University of Iowa Digital Library hosts over 100 OSA publications, with more added regularly. Find outreach material, conference posters, and all educational information from our retired website.

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IAS Newsletters

Iowa Archeological Society newsletters from 1951 through two years ago are hosted on the UI Digital Library. The most recent two years are available to IAS members.

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Digital Booklets & Interactive Media

View digital versions of several popular archaeology booklets. Topics include the Lower Des Moines River, the Loess Hills, the annual Archaeology on the Road RAGBRAI booklets, and more!

Close-up of chert samples from OSA collections

OSA Lithic Raw Material Assemblage

Accessed through the Wayback Machine Internet Archive, this is an electronic version of OSA's in-house lithic raw material assemblage, which is is the primary resource for lithic identification and analysis of chipped stone tools and debitage

screenshot of a map showing historic-era Tribal habitations in Iowa

Historic Indian Location Database

This website provides an overview of OSA's Historic Indian Location Database (HILD) project. See maps of historic-era Native American locations in Iowa, organized into five different time periods. 

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OSA's Archived Website

Looking for something on the old version of our website? You can find the educational material in the UI Digital Library, but if you can't find what you're looking for, try the Wayback Machine!

Cover art for Dubuque's Forgotten Cemetery

Bioarchaeology and History of Dubuque's Third Street Cemetery,

13DB476, Dubuque County, Iowa

OSA Research Papers Volume 37 Number 1 (2013)


A detailed timeline of archaeological time periods in Iowa with associated pictures and explanatory text

Iowa's Archaeological Timeline

Explore Iowa's archaeological timeline on Prezi. Use your mouse to pan and zoom in/out or use the navigation arrows at the bottom to move chronologically. 

Access a PDF here.

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A Citizen’s Guide to Recording Archaeological Finds in Iowa

An ArcGIS StoryMap with resources to assist non-archaeologists with basic artifact identification, site documentation, artifact collection, and collections care. 

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Community Engaged Archaeology in Elgin, Iowa

Learn about the Importance of the Turkey River to Indigenous Communities Past and Present through this ArcGIS StoryMap.

Screenshot of Understanding Section 106 Prezi homepage

Understanding Section 106 Archaeology & Improving Tribal Consultation

Developed as a creative mitigation, this Prezi provides information and resources for agencies, applicants, and the public interested in learning about the Section 106 process and tribal consultation.

screenshot of Meskwaki Talking Papers interactive site showing pictographs and hotspots

The Meskwaki Talking Papers

Around 1830, Wacochaci, a important Meskwaki chief, created amazing pictographs on pen and paper that depict 100+ species of animals, birds and fish. View these pictographs and see archaeological artifacts that were created from or relate to species drawn by Wacochachi.

screenshot of the 1837 Ioway map resource with hotspots

The 1837 Ioway Map

This map illustrates villages and travel routes of the Ioway people. Learn about why it was created and see archaeological objects from sites located on the map.

Screenshot of interactive site showing a bison skeleton and circled numbers indicating hotspots

Beyond Food: Ancestral Native American Use of Deer and Bison

Explore a selection of objects from the OSA's collections that show innovative tools and uses for different deer and bison skeletal elements.

Screenshot of interactive bottle timeline

Bottle Manufacture Timeline

Glass bottles found at the University of Iowa School of Music archaeological site in Iowa City represent almost a century of bottle manufacturing techniques. Check out this interactive display of images and information!

Screenshot of interactive School of Music timeline

School of Music Timeline

This interactive document presents archaeological discoveries found prior to the construction of the University of Iowa Voxman School of Music.

Screenshot of an I-Sites Public map view


I-SitesPublic indicates where archaeological sites have been recorded by Public Land Survey System one-square-mile section and shows historic structure locations in each of Iowa's 99 counties.

A screenshot of a YouTube video showing a bone flute

Iowa Archaeology on YouTube

Find newly produced educational videos, livestreamed lectures and interviews, digitized materials from the OSA archives, and playlists focused on learning about or teaching archaeology with a place-based, Iowa focus.

screenshot of a 3D model on sketchfab

Iowa Archaeology on SketchFab

As OSA's capacity for 3D scanning and photogrammetry grow, we will post more content on our SketchFab site. Explore our current 3D models including stone, bone, and shell artifacts. Find 3D models and downloads from several other archaeology educational institutions.


Screenshot of a google map showing locations of archaeological sites and exhibits open to the public

Iowa Sites & Museums

There are nearly 100 places in and around Iowa to see archaeological sites and artifacts. Visit museums, nature centers, and interpretive centers with exhibits; National Historic Landmarks; State Archeological Preserves, and more.

Screenshot of Ancient Trails Tours website cover art showing map locations on an outline of the state of Iowa

Iowa Ancient Trails Tours

This project analyzed old maps, aerial photographs, and high-resolution lidar topographic maps to determine the exact location and survival of ancient roads in northern Iowa. Learn where you can drive or bike along paths that existed before Iowa was a state!

cover art for the book The Archaeological Guide to Iowa

Iowa Archaeology Driving Tour

A sixty-eight location tour of prominent Iowa archaeological sites from all across the state, based on The Archaeological Guide to Iowa. Access the audio driving tour through the Geotourist mobile app or read and listen online.

B/W illustration of Des Moines in 1856, from Perkins 1984.

Des Moines Walking Tour

The confluence of the Des Moines and Raccoon rivers has been an important spot for humans for thousands of years, and excavations in downtown Des Moines have unearthed glimpses of this past. Access the audio walking tour through the Geotourist mobile app or read and listen online.

B/W illustration of historic Fort Atkinson published in 1911

Fort Atkinson Walking Tour

Fort Atkinson in Winneshiek County was established in 1840 to monitor the Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) Nation who had been forced to move from their traditional homeland in Wisconsin to the Neutral Ground in northeastern Iowa. Access the audio walking tour through the Geotourist mobile app or read and listen online.