The OSA conducts a broad spectrum of services, working with all levels of government, as well as private corporations, Indian tribes, and private citizens on cultural resource management related investigations, statewide education and outreach, curation, and the protection of ancient human remains. Professional archaeological, architectural historian, and osteological consultants at the OSA have a wealth of experience in a wide range of contexts and a solid understanding of current legislation and principles of cultural resources management best practices. This experience allows OSA consultants to provide comprehensive assessments of the opportunities and risks associated with cultural resources management compliance, and we aim to deliver heritage solutions that will benefit the whole community. Additionally, our nationally-recognized outreach program provides opportunities for K-12 and community education and interpretation across Iowa.

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Protection of ancient human remains, examination and study of human remains; statewide field work, survey, and monitoring; project planning review and compliance assistance

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Curation of artifacts and documents for archaeological consulting firms, museums, and agencies for Iowa archaeological collections; management of private donations

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Digital & IT

Drone archaeology and post-processing, 3D printing, photogrammetry, web portal hosting and development, web and mobile app development, geodatabase management

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Education & Interpretation

Classroom and community outreach, digital and print interpretive media development, K-12 curricula and educator resource development

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Iowa Site File (I-Sites)

Site search requests, I-SitesPublic, I-SitesPro

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Specialized analyses of lithics, ceramics, faunal remains, historic-period artifacts, and flotation samples

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Historic contexts, short- and long-term management plans, historic preservation grants, conservation easements, and NRHP and NHL nominations

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Survey & Consultation

Contract and grant-funded projects including Phase I and IA surveys, Phase II evaluations, Phase III mitigations, and Historic architectural surveys and investigations