Colleen Randolph

Site Records Manager

Colleen Randolph graduated from the University of Iowa in 1998 and began working for the OSA shortly after. Her undergraduate work focused on Roman Archaeology and Neanderthal skeletal morphology before she transitioned to Midwestern archaeology research areas including the archaeology of women and textiles and fibers. Colleen also has a very deep interest in experimental archaeology and has participated in many historical reenactment and experimental groups over the past decade with her husband and son. Her interest in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other technology used to further the science of archaeology has shaped her career, as has the love of cartography and historic preservation, and she was appointed as OSA's Site Records Manager in 2000. Colleen has also served on the Board of the Association of Iowa Archaeologists. 

As manager of the Iowa Site File, Colleen is responsible for curating and updating information and corresponding maps regarding archaeological sites in the GIS database. She also disseminates the confidential file information for professionals with a vested interest in development, preservation, and research. 

Contact Colleen if you have information on an archaeological site that should be recorded in the Iowa Site File or if you have a need for research on archaeological sites in Iowa. This can include research required for NEPA/Section 106 clearances or for regional and local sensitive areas ordinances, as well as student or professional educational projects.

Research areas
  • GIS, geographic information systems
  • experimental archaeology
  • textiles in Midwestern archaeology