program director

Caroline Parris headshot

Caroline (Carrie) Parris, M.A., Ph.D.

Research Collections Director
As Research Collections Director, Carrie Parris manages the collections held at the OSA, including those in the State Archaeological Repository of Iowa and various collections of comparative materials. Carrie also oversees the daily operations in the OSA lab such as artifact analysis, preparing collections for curation, and soil sample flotation.  Contact her regarding artifact curation and donation, loans of artifacts and other materials for research or display, research inquiries, and volunteering or interning opportunities.
Mary De La Garza headshot

Mary De La Garza, M.A., MCSE

Research Technology Director
As the University of Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist's Research Technology Director, Mary De La Garza maintains all aspects of technology, manages research data, and works to develop web applications and databases increase data accessibility for Iowa archaeological research.  Contact Mary regarding the Iowa Site File/I-Sites GIS, web and mobile application development, aerial 3D models,  and drone-based research opportunities.
Cynthia (Cindy) Peterson

Cynthia (Cindy) Peterson, M.A., RPA

Research Director
Cindy Peterson's Research Director duties focus on Iowa Department of Transportation cultural resources contract work. Contact Cindy if you want to talk about the Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist assisting your organization with research-based archaeology projects funded by other State and Federal agencies.
Bill Whittaker headshot

Bill Whittaker, Ph.D.

Bill Whittaker is Research Director, serving as PI for OSA research projects, overseeing ca. 275 projects a year. He also oversees the Historic Indian Location Database (HILD) and the Notable Locations database of mounds, cemeteries, and suspected archaeological sites, and he is a GIS specialist. Contact Bill if you require archaeological survey or architecture history survey.
Lara Noldner headshot

Lara Noldner, M.S., Ph.D., RPA

Bioarchaeology Director
As Bioarchaeology Director, Lara Noldners's primary responsibility is seeing to the protection of ancient human remains and burial sites in Iowa, implementing both state and federal legislation. This means working closely with Native American advisors, documenting known burial sites and human remains in collections, investigating inadvertent discoveries of ancient human skeletal remains, facilitating repatriations and reburials with descendant communities, working with developers so that burial sites are not disturbed by construction projects, and promoting the importance of burial site stewardship. She is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the UI Anthropology Department, teaches an introductory seminar on Biological Anthropology, and manages the cadaveric, partially documented University of Iowa Stanford Collection.
Elizabeth Reetz headshot

Elizabeth Reetz, M.A., M.Ed.

Strategic Initiatives Director
As Director of Strategic Initiatives, Elizabeth supervises OSA's all-ages statewide outreach, engagement, and education initiatives, and she collaborates with several Midwest descendant communities and Tribal Nations. Contact her with inquiries regarding developing or contracting educational programs or curricula, interpretive materials, museum exhibits, and other communications resources.