Monday, July 17, 2023

Because the vast majority of Iowa lands are privately owned, the University of Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist (OSA) Bioarchaeology Program relies a great deal on the stewardship of Iowans to protect known burial sites.

On behalf of the Indian Advisory Council and the OSA, we would like to recognize the stewards that have worked with the Bioarchaeology Program from 2020-2022.

Thanks all, for your stewardship!

  • Jessica Flatt (Iowa DNR) - Lucas County
  • Shelby Williams - Benton County Conservation
  • Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation - Boone County
  • Josh Yoder - Howard H. Cherry Scout Reservation - Linn County
  • Barb Knox Homrighaus - Hamilton County
  • Melissa Marazes - Clayton County
  • Terry Landsgaard and Clair Blong - Winnesheik County
  • Brent and Lynn Wirth - Dallas County
  • Aron Flickinger (Iowa DNR) - Monona County
  • City of Cedar Rapids Parks Department
  • Johnson County Board of Supervisors, Astig Planning, Impact 7G - County Poor Farm Cemetery Improvement/Management Team