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OSA has Drones!

by John F. Doershuk, University of Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist

OSA’s Director of Research Technology, Mary De La Garza, is into drones, technically known as “uncrewed aerial vehicles” or UAVs. Mary, a licensed FAA UAV pilot, now commands a fleet of three drones and two additional OSA staff members have, or will soon earn, their UAV pilot licenses. As OSA uses these drones in our university work as a statewide research center, we follow University of Iowa policy regarding UAVs and part of Mary’s duties is responsibility for OSA compliance in our drone work.

Bioarchaeology at the OSA

by Lara Noldner, University of Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist

What is Bioarchaeology?

The OSA has changed its formerly titled Burials Program to the Bioarchaeology Program to more accurately portray that our mission is the protection of all ancient human remains in Iowa, regardless of whether they were once part of a formal burial.


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