Upcoming Spring Field Work at 1839–1843 Meskwaki Village Site

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

by Cynthia Peterson, University of Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist

Fieldwork Rescheduled from Last Year

We have rescheduled fieldwork at site 13IW258, the village of Meskwaki leaders Wacoshashe and Poweshiek, to select days from March 31-April 6. Last winter, the ground froze too early. Now, we need to squeeze in excavations between the thaw and crop planting! This is a last-minute opportunity, but your help is needed. A few volunteer slots are still available. See this website for more information.

The Amana Colonies Land Use District received a Certified Local Government grant from the Iowa State Historical Society to conduct this work. This is the second year of this project, and hope for many more years of researching Iowa’s incredible Meskwaki-related archaeology sites. The tribe has such an amazing modern and historical presence across Iowa, especially in the Iowa River valley!

After the project ends, there will be public presentations about the findings, so stay tuned!


Bear astragalus with knife cut-marks

Gunflints and bear (Ursus sp.) astragalus with knife-cut-marks, from the village site. Butchering marks on the ankle bone suggest removal of the paw.

Volunteers in 2012

Volunteers conducting village site surface collection in 2012.