Public Presentations: Hubbard Park and Voxman School of Music

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Friday, February 27, 2015

by John Doershuk, University of Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist

Last night I had the pleasure of talking with ca. 65 residents of Oaknoll Retirement Center (Iowa City) about archaeological investigations conducted by the OSA at 13JH1440 (Hubbard Park) and 13JH1436 (new Voxman School of Music -- VSOM). This talked reprised a public presentation on the same two sites I made at the Coralville Public Library on February 17 to ca. 60 members of the UI Retirees Association. Both audiences were wonderful and asked many insightful questions following my presentation. I should mention that Cindy Peterson, Bill Whittaker, and Angela Collins all deserve considerable credit for assembling much of the PowerPoint slideshow I utilized.

The University of Iowa Retirees Association put together a great slideshow of the talk on Feburary 17 - Check it out by clicking on the preview!

FEMA, Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management, the State Historic Preservation Office, the City of Iowa City, and—of course, the University of Iowa—are all consulting parties for the 2008 flood recovery construction projects currently taking place on campus, including work at Hubbard Park and VSOM. Fieldwork has been completed for some time now at both of the archaeological sites discovered as part of these construction endeavors. Lab processing and analyses of the artifacts and associated contextual data recovered at the sites remains on-going, and final technical reports will be forth-coming later in 2015. Public presentations about the results of our activities were intentional outcomes of the data recovery plans approved for the projects, so the opportunity to speak to these two community groups was much welcomed.

Looking forward, there will be a symposium on Iowa City archaeology which includes information on 13JH1436 and 1440 to be presented on Friday April 17th as part of the annual meeting of the Iowa Academy of Science. This meeting will take place at the Iowa Memorial Union at the University of Iowa, just north of Hubbard Park, so a more fitting venue could hardly be imagined. The aforementioned Cindy, Bill, and Angela will be presenting at this symposium. I will be presenting on these sites on Saturday May 2nd at the Iowa Archeological Society and Illinois Association for the Advancement of Archaeology joint meeting to be held at Black Hawk Junior College in Moline, Illinois. We hope to then schedule additional public talks in the Johnson County area to share the project results!