Para-Professional Training

Identification and Management of Archaeological Resources 

A Training for Para-Professionals

It is estimated that 95 percent of Iowa has never been surveyed for archaeological sites. Archaeological resources are often first encountered through activities such as building trails, planting trees, monitoring stream bank erosion, or digging trenches.  Additionally, many public lands agencies are required to manage archaeological resources located on their property, but they may not have staff with a solid understanding effective management practices including interpretation or preservation laws. 

The OSA offers half-day to one-day workshops for environmental professionals, naturalists, parks and public lands personnel, construction teams, and other groups that may encounter or manage archaeological resources during the course of their work. This workshop designed to familiarize participants with the basic identification of prehistoric and historic archaeological resources, including artifacts and common site types. Participants will learn what to do is a site is found; laws affecting sites on public lands; how to proactively protect cultural sites; and best practices for creating for-the-public interpretive information about their sites. They will receive hands-on practice with identifying common artifact types and filling out archaeological site forms and submitting records to the state site file. Portions of this workshop can be down outdoors, depending on the location. All attendees will receive a workbook filled with information, tips, and additional contacts. 

Costs for services will be determined by a contract that covers staff time, travel, and workshop materials. Fees can be estimated by reviewing our flat rate chart and totaling the number of event hours, or contact us directly.

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Volunteers learning to identify artifacts at a historic archaeological site