OSA Contributes to Book on Developing and Fostering Archaeological Stewardship

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

by Elizabeth Reetz, University of Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist

Public Engagement and Education

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OSA's Director of Strategic Initiatives, Elizabeth Reetz, and Archaeology Technician Specialist and Educator, Cherie Haury Artz, along with Jay Gorsh of University of Iowa Recreational Services, contributed a chapter to the newly edited volume by Berghahn Books, Public Engagement and Education: Developing and Fostering an Archaeological Future.  This book, edited by Katherine Erdman, shares effective approaches for engaging and education learners of all ages about archaeology and how one can encourage them to become stewards of the past. The book offers applied examples that are not bound to specific geographies or cultures, but rather are approaches that can be implemented almost anywhere.

Chapter 3, Strengthening a Place-based Curriculum through the Integration of Archaeology and Environmental Education, explores the People and the Land unit (now called Archaeology) at the University of Iowa's School of the Wild as a case study for teaching archaeology through outdoor education.  

Chapter 3 Abstract

The practice of archaeology involves studying human adaptation to the natural world by using the environment as a vehicle for the development of knowledge. Archaeology education has strong parallels and intersections with the well-established field of Environmental Education (EE); yet, it is both widely acknowledged that cultural history is one of the weaker components of EE, and many archaeology educators are likewise unfamiliar with EE. In 2016, archaeologists partnered with staff from the University of Iowa School of the Wild, a week-long EE experience for area schools, to create a curricular unit that integrates archaeology and cultural history with EE. The pilot year yielded promising results for using EE as a tool to promote archaeological and environmental stewardship.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction (Read it for free!)
    • Chapter 1. Schools and Public Archaeology: Igniting a Commitment to Heritage Preservation 
      Charles S. White 
    • Chapter 2. Science and Social Studies Adventures: Using an Interdisciplinary Approach to Inspire School-Age Children to Become Knowledge Producers 
      Katrina Yezzi-Woodley, Chris Kestly, Beth Albrecht, Paul Creager, Joel Abdella, and Katherine Hayes
    • Chapter 3. Strengthening a Place-Based Curriculum through the Integration of Archaeology and Environmental Education
      Elizabeth C. Reetz, Chérie Haury-Artz, and Jay A. Gorsh
    • Chapter 4. Engaging with the Past through Writing Accountable First-Person Creative Fiction: BACAB CAAS
      ​​​​​​​Lewis C. Messenger, Jr.
    • Chapter 5. Archaeologists and the Pedagogy of Heritage: Preparing Graduate Students for Tomorrow’s Interdisciplinary, Engaged Work in Heritage
      Phyllis Mauch Messenger
    • Chapter 6. Gathering Public Opinions about Archaeology and Heritage in Belize: A Drive toward Better Local Access and Programming​​​​​​​
      Geralyn Ducady​​​​​​​
    • Chapter 7. Archaeology for a Lifetime: Reaching Older Generations through Adult Education Programs
      Katherine M. Erdman
    • Chapter 8. Best Practices in Archaeology Education: Successes, Shortcomings, and the Future
      Jeanne M. Moe
    • Chapter 9. Navigating Heritage Stewardship in the Digital Age
      Jodi Reeves Eyre and Leigh Anne Ellison

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