Organizational Qualifications/References

All Iowa projects undertaken by the General Contracts Program (GCP) of the Office of the State Archaeologist (UI-OSA) at The University of Iowa are conducted in accordance with recently issued (Dec. 1, 1999) State Historic Preservation Office Guidelines for Archaeological Investigations in Iowa, as well as the regulations of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (36CFR800 as amended). Projects conducted in other states follow the guidelines established by each State Historic Preservation Office. For Iowa, these guidelines include recommendations for geomorphological evaluation of areas in alluvial settings where the potential for buried deposits is high. All GCP reports follow the Secretary of the Interior Standards and Guidelines for archaeological projects and the American Antiquity style guide. The General Contracts Program has recent-generation GPS, ground-penetrating radar (GPR), total station, and digital camera technology as well as the more traditional archaeological tools routinely used to document and investigate the past. Coupled with the UI-OSA’s GIS technology, these advanced digital devices allow rapid collection of high-quality data that can be easily integrated into reports.