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National Association of State Archaeologists (at the Society for American Archaeology in Chicago)
Hester Davis "Best Damn State Archaeologist" Award from President Brona Simon 27 March 1999.

"Best Damn State Archaeologist" Award

Left to right: Bruce Rippeteau (SC), Who am I?, Faye Stocum (DE), Kurt Carr (PA), Susan Collins (CO), Dick Boisvert (NH), Hester Davis (AR), Jim Miller (FL), Giovanna Peebles (VT), Brona Simon (MA), Tom Green (formerly ID), Mark Dudzik (formerly MN), Pat Mercado-Allinger (TX), Art Spiess (ME), Sissel Schroeder (formerly KY), David Snyder (OH), and Rick Jones (IN).

(Snapshot by Tom Padgett (NC DOT) with Bruce Rippeteau's cheap camera.) Original Photo

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