Microscopic Lithic Samples

Microscopic viewing, using a dissecting microscope, has been applied in order to take a close-in look at surficial characteristics. Magnification levels of x7-30 powers provide clear views for sample comparison however, these scopes cannot capture images for further analysis, report preparation, or future comparisons. We recently acquired a handheld digital microscope that connects to a computer via USB cable. The scope provides two magnification powers of x20 and x400 and allows the user the ability to capture images and save them as JPEG files. This type of scope is readily available and affordable from various manufacturers.

We have taken x20 power images of all the Pennsylvanian System lithics representing roughly 72 samples of 13 types of lithics. They are presented in this section following the same format as the macroscopic samples described in the In-State section above.

Click here for In-State Microscopic Drawers