Lithic Data Tables

This section contains the current data on the lithic samples that compose the collection. These catalogs were created using Microsoft Excel. These data sheets can be downloaded for use either in Excel or HTML formats.

These three files, Geologic System, counties A-Z, and Lithic Types, present three different ways to search for lithic raw material information. The first is a listing of lithic types by geologic system association ordered after the stratigraphic column of Iowa. The second is an alphabetical listing of lithic types by county. The third is an alphabetical listing of lithic types by their type name. As noted previously, each of these data tables are available by clicking the link at the bottom of each page. You will get the complete data table for all lithic samples by choosing to view or download on any of the data pages.

The exposure type noted in the data tables and in the map keys are abbreviated. The following key identified the exposure type abbreviations.

Exposure Types


O = Outcrop
Q = Quarry
C = Road cut
S = Stream gravel/Terrace/Fan deposits
R = Residual deposits
T = Glacial Till
U = Unknown

Click here to access the Lithic Raw Material Assemblage Database