Iowa Archeological Society

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Purpose of the Society

  • To unite those interested in the archaeology of Iowa.
  • To foster cooperation among professional and amateur archaeologists.
  • To promote the study, investigation, and interpretation of prehistoric and historic remains in Iowa.
  • To provide for the dissemination of knowledge and research in archaeology and related disciplines.
  • To encourage the recording and preservation of sites and artifacts.
  • To develop a constructive attitude toward these cultural resources through education and public involvement.

Who may join?

Any person interested in furthering the goals of the society is invited to join; no previous knowledge or training is necessary.

Society Activities

The Iowa Archeological Society meets annually in the spring and frequently in the fall at various places around the state. The meetings provide an opportunity for exchange of information through workshops, site reports and special lectures for individuals to learn about Iowa's rich and interesting past.

Members may participate in field trips and supervised excavations conducted within the state.

The Iowa Archeological Society has local chapters which also hold meetings and field trips. They are located throughout the state.

What does the society offer its members?

All memberships provide opportunities for self-education in Iowa archeology. Two official publications are received by all members: the Journal of the Iowa Archeological Society (published annually) and the quarterly Newsletter of the Iowa Archeological Society. The Journal carries reports of scientific investigations conducted in Iowa, and the Newsletter provides the membership a medium for publication of short articles and an opportunity to keep abreast of archeological activities in Iowa.

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Who are the Executive Board members?

President: Eleisha Barnett
Vice President: Keith Young
Secretary: Dottie Kelley
Treasurer: Alan Hawkins
Membership Secretary:
Alan Hawkins
Journal Editor: Bill Whittaker
Newsletter Editor: Lowell Blikre
State Archaeologist: John Doershuk

For further information contact:

Iowa Archeological Society
c/o Office of the State Archaeologist
700 South Clinton Street Building
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242-1030