General Contracts Program

Introduction to the General Contracts Program

In 1991, the Office of the State Archaeologist initiated the General Contracts Program (GCP) to provide quality consulting services to public and private sector clients requesting expertise in cultural  resource management (CRM) archaeology and related studies. The GCP director is Melody K. Pope, who can be reached at 319-384-0724 and by E-mail. We have to-date completed more than 800 projects for a broad spectrum of clients and sponsors. The GCP has a proven record of writing high quality reports with projects consistently completed on schedule and within budget. In the past three years, individual GCP projects have ranged in cost from less than $500 to over $1,000,000. 

References as to the high quality, thoroughness, and timeliness of GCP projects include:

(1) Dave Drake, Iowa Department of Transportation, Ames, Iowa (515–239–1251); 

(2) Brenda Durbahn, Earth Tech, Waterloo, Iowa (800–772–2028); 

(3) Jeff Joens, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Des Moines, Iowa (515–281–8664); 

(4) Bob Veenstra, Veenstra & Kimm, Des Moines, Iowa (515–225–8000); and 

(5) Tony Zelinskas, WHKS & Co., Dubuque, Iowa (563–582–5481).

General Contracts Program Staff

Current GCP staff members have extensive CRM archaeology project experience in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Minnesota as well as elsewhere in the Midwest and Plains. 

Click here for information on the key personnel that the General Contracts Program can commit to lead cultural resource investigations. Additional field supervisors, field assistants, and laboratory analysts are hired on a specific project-hourly basis. This is a typical practice for our program—we have up-to-date “crew books” maintained for rapid project start-up. 

 Key Personnel

General Contracts Program Activities

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 Selected UI-OSA Projects: Road Improvement-related

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