Education Program

What is Archaeology?

Archaeology is the principal way to learn about humanity’s ancient past. In Iowa, archaeologists discover and study the sites, artifacts, and physical remains that make up the past 13,000 years of human settlement.

Education and Outreach Program Mission Statement

The goal of the Education and Outreach Program is to provide programs, resources, and opportunities for people of all ages to understand and appreciate Iowa’s archaeological heritage and preserve it for the future. The interest shown by educators, students, cultural and historical organizations, naturalists, the public and Iowa tribes guides these efforts.

Children making clay pottery

Bringing Archaeology to the Public

The Education and Outreach program has available pamphlets, brochures, texts, exhibits, traveling resource boxes, and publications. Staff members can provide in-school presentations as well as tours of the OSA lab and collections. Site tours, field opportunities, and professional development workshops are scheduled periodically. 

Exploring Iowa Archaeology in the K-12 Classroom

  • OSA Educators will visit classrooms statewide to present highly multidisciplinary archaeology lessons rooted in the sciences and humanities.

Iowa Project Archaeology

Archaeology Education Resources

  • The OSA Education & Public Outreach Program has been developing resources for K-12 educators and the general public for over 25 years. 

Recent Publications

Research and Volunteer Opportunities in Iowa Archaeology

Contact Elizabeth Reetz, Director of Strategic Initiatives, for information on these and other resources and services. Send email requests to Elizabeth Reetz for hard copies of activities or resources displayed here.