Early Late Woodland Period Pottery

Pottery in the Woodland Period

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Early Late Woodland Period Pottery

Map 1. Early Late Woodland Period 1650-1300 B.P. A.D. 300-650:

Held Creek ware in Iowa from near Northwestern corner to Southwestern corner (extends into South Dakota and Nebraska), Arthur Ceramics in North Central area of Iowa (near border) and toward western corner of Iowa (extends into Minnesota)

Map 2. Early Late Woodland Period 1750-135 B.P. A.D. 200-600:

Linn ware in Eastern Iowa (North, Central and into Southern), Weaver ware just along Southereastern border of Iowa (mostly in Illinois), Madrid ware in small location near the center of Iowa (slightly more toward the west)

Map 3. Early Late Woodland Period 1750-1350 B.P. A.D. 200-600:

Henry ware in Southeastern corner and extending toward South Central, Sterns Creek ware in Southwestern corner of Iowa and into Nebraska (extends into Northwestern corner of Missouri)

Map 4. Early Late Woodland Period 1550-1250 B.P. A.D. 400-700:

Lake Benton ware along Iowa's Northern border from Western corner to North Central area (extends into Minnesota), Lane Farm Ceramics in Notheastern corner of Iowa and into Wisconsin