Drone Workshops

Applications of Aerial Reconnaissance in Historic Preservation

Since 2016, OSA has utilized Uncrewed Aerial System (UAS), aka drone, applications for site identification, preservation monitoring, and multi-spectral analysis to survey large areas for cultural resources. In this workshop, we present lessons learned, advantages/disadvantages, and best practices for integrating this technology with traditional methods for cultural resources survey. Designed for both cultural and natural resources professional, workshop attendees will be introduced to potential applications of UAS technology including: site identification and monitoring, photogrammetry, thermography, and more.  Attendees will be able to make informed decisions about equipment, accessories, and software platforms, and understand requirements to purchase or contract UAS equipment. 

Costs for services will be determined by a contract that covers staff time, travel, and workshop materials. Fees can be estimated by reviewing our flat rate chart and totaling the number of event hours, or contact us directly.

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Outdoor Drone Workshop