Carl A. Merry

Senior Associate Research Director

(M.A. University of South Carolina 1982; RPA; prehistoric and historical archaeology, cultural resource management, Midwest)

My research interests include archaeology and historic preservation as they relate to statewide cultural resource management. The University of Iowa receives support from the Iowa Department of Transportation to provide complete cultural resource evaluations on transportation projects statewide. Cultural resource management provides for the identification and evaluation  of significant prehistoric and historic archaeological sites relating to 12,000 years of human occupation of Iowa, including standing historic architectural sites, that may be affected by proposed highway projects. A body of historic preservation law authorizes cultural resource surveys to locate and identify significant sites that may be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. This research locates dozens of new historic and prehistoric sites each year. In many instances the Iowa Department of Transportation is able to successfully redesign highway projects to avoid and preserve significant sites.

As a research director I authorize methodology, evaluations, and recommendations for survey and excavation of archeological sites, and recording and archival research of historic architectural sites. I negotiate contracts, scopes of work, budgets, and prepare annual reports. I am presently appointed as an archaeologist to the State of Iowa's National Register of Historic Places Review Committee.