Blane H. Nansel

Research Archaeologist 

(MA University of Iowa 1988; Ceramics, geoarchaeology, social organization, historic preservation, faunal analysis) 

Blane joined the staff of the Highway Archaeology Program in this position in October of 1996. He holds Bachelor’s degrees from Iowa State University and the University of Iowa and a Master’s degree from the University of Iowa. He also conducted Ph.D. research in Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, with a minor in soils and geomorphology. His Master’s research involved a time trend analysis of Bauer Branch ceramics from northwestern Illinois,  and his Ph.D. research deals with Middle Woodland interaction and exchange in the Mississippi River Valley of southeastern Iowa and northwestern Illinois. He has been involved in Cultural Resources Management in Iowa since 1975 and has participated in fieldwork projects in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Israel. In his position as Cultural Resources Specialist, Blane advises Transportation Enhancement grant applicants and recipients, city, county, and private engineering firms on standards for compliance with archaeological and historic preservation and rehabilitation regulations required under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, whether proposed projects may proceed without adversely affecting historic properties, or if an investigation is needed to identify and evaluate historic properties that may be affected by the project, and, if historic preservation is the object of the proposed project and the subject property is unevaluated, whether the property qualifies in this category of Transportation enhancements.