Current Course Offerings

Anth:1000 First Year Seminar: A Tour of Biological Anthropology

Instructor: Lara Noldner
Time and Location: 3:30-4:20pm Tuesdays 130 OSA (Clinton Street Building)

A Tour of Biological Anthropology: Explore the diverse field of biological anthropology and learn about many of the ways that knowledge of human biology can inform us about how people have evolved, migrated, and adapted to the many regions of the world we now inhabit. Learn about the research that paleoanthropologists, human geneticists, bioarchaeologists, and forensic anthropologists are doing, as well as opportunities for undergraduate study in these fields. Participate in visits to the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History and the collections and working labs of the Office of the State Archaeologist. Participate in hands-on lab exercises that will introduce you to the analysis of human skeletal remains. Class participation counts for a large part of final grades, so attendance is a must. Weekly readings and classes will introduce a great diversity of topics, and opportunities to further explore particular fields of study within biological anthropology will be provided by a few short essay assignments. This course only requires about 2 hours of outside work per week and is an excellent, interactive way to learn about what anthropology has to offer.