Current Course Offerings

Anth:3242 Archaeology of the Middle East

Instructor: Melody Pope
Time and Location: 5:00-6:15pm TTh 116 MH

Description: Although archaeology's object of study is the past and lives of dead people, archaeology in its practice is social and embedded in the contemporary world. This course will provide you with a rapid emersion into not only the archaeology of the Middle East, but the place and people, past and present. The Middle East has been and will continue to be at center stage of much of the world’s political and economic maneuvering.  Throughout the course we will engage contemporary issues of interest that weave together social, political and ethical themes in the practice of Middle Eastern archaeology. Both Americanist Anthropological and European historical schools will be explored as we consider together the anthropology, archaeology, history, art and architecture that contributes to the many archaeologies of the ancient Near East. There are no course prerequisites, although introductory courses in anthropology, archaeology or classics are helpful.

Anth:3243 Midwestern Archaeology

Instructor: John Doershuk
Time and Location: 3:30-4:45pm TTh 132 MH

Description: This course provides students an introduction to the archaeology of the U.S. Midwest. People have lived in this area for approximately 13,000 years. Their way of life has changed through time and was different in different local environments. Completion of this course will develop a basic but rich understanding of the varied lifeways of past people in the region, how archaeologists investigate the past, and how prehistoric peoples relate to their modern descendants in the Midwest. There are no course prerequisites, although introductory courses in anthropology or archaeology are helpful.